Points and Rewards | Earn points with every online purchase! *Each dollar gets you 1 point.
Points and Rewards Policy

Earning Points:

  • Earn points on purchases: You will earn points for every purchase made on our website.
  • Earn points for account signup: New customers get an additional 100 points after their first purchase.
  • Earn points for writing a review: Leave us a review on our website for your purchased product/s and collect 50o points.
  • Every dollar you spend, it will earn you 1 reward point.
  • For every 100 points earned, customers will receive a $1 dollar.
  • Points will be credited to the customer’s account after a successful payment is received.

Redeeming Points:

  • New points collected can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases only.
  • Minimum points collected to be eligible to redeem for discount is 100 or $1 dollar
  • Points collected from previous transactions can be redeemed on current or future purchse/s.
  • To redeem points, customers must log in to their account and apply the discount during the checkout process.

Points are Non-Transferable:

  • Points are non-transferable and cannot be shared or combined with other accounts.
  • Points can only be used by the account holder and cannot be transferred to another person or account.
  • Purchases on behalf of other person or persons is permittes and points can be reddemed if you account is used and delivery address is changed.

Expiration time:

  • Points will expire after 12 months of inactivity if not redeemed on the customer’s account.
  • Inactivity is defined as no award points being redeemed for purchase on the account during the 12 months period.

Changes to Policy:

  • We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time.
  • Any changes will be communicated to customers via email and will be effective immediately.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to review any changes to the policy and to continue using our website and services in accordance with the updated policy.

Policy date: 31/07/2023